Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Brush with Creativity

So I've been seeing a lot of blog-buzz about freezer paper stenciling and I had to try it out for myself.  The process is akin to silk screening and it looks pretty good (depending on how good you are with scissors and an exacto knife).  I thought we should supplement the kids' zoo-theme costumes with some adult costumes too.  My husband and I will be the zoo keepers.  I made some official-looking shirts for us to wear (well, I've made mine, now to make his).  I created the logo in photoshop, printed it out, traced it onto freezer paper and then made the stencil.  Believe me when I say that tiny letters are SO HARD to cut out!  The stencil is then ironed onto the t-shirt and then you just brush fabric paint into the void.  I've linked a good demo at the bottom of the post.

Sadly, I think our three-year-old meerkat isn't going to want to wear his costume, so I am considering making him a "Lion Tamer" shirt.
The cuteness may have to be carried completely by this adorable one-year-old (here is a preview of his costume from a party we attended today).

I am totally stoked about this method and now I want to make all my boys' shirts!  Of course, it's not the easiest process with all the detailed cutting, so I probably won't, but the possibilities are endless!
For a nice demo on how to do this, visit my friend Tysha's blog.   Oh, and should you go searching, let me save you some time and let you know that QFC doesn't carry freezer paper, neither does Target, but I got mine at Safeway.

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