Sunday, October 31, 2010


 We were a little lazy in the Halloween-celebration-department this year, but did get around to making some sugar cookies.  A few weeks ago, I was browsing one of my favorite stores ever, Crate & Barrel, when I saw a spider-web cookie cutter (!!!).  My son has been very into spiders this fall (as I believe I have previously mentioned) so I started thinking about the awesome Halloween cookies we could make.  And then, it got even better.  I found these great Halloween cupcake stencils, one of which was a spider.  I had to grab both, of course, and made sugar cookies deliberately so we could try out our new stuff.  I took the easy-route with cookie-baking and opted to sprinkle sugar on the unbaked cookies rather than make frosting.  They turned out pretty well and my son was thrilled. 
The spider-web cookie cutter seems full of possibilities to me.  Can you imagine the adorable super-hero cookies with words reminiscent of the 1970s Batman TV show?  BAM! KABLOOEY!  KA-POW! 

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