Monday, January 19, 2015

Boy Valentines

I love making custom Valentines for my kids.  Every year they seem to have some interest that generally is something I can't purchase pre-made.  They have unique interests.  My oldest son has had a Plants vs. Zombies obsession for the last couple of years.  Last year, I customized a Valentine that PopCap published on their blog.  Otherwise, Plants vs. Zombies valentines are pretty hard to come by.
This year, my son wanted something more specific: a Pea Shooter valentine.  I found the Pea Shooter on the web and then customized it to make it all cute and valentine-ish.  My son loves it.
My husband is an attorney, so I asked him about copyrights and trademarks, and whether or not it would be okay to post this for others to use.  He says its a gray area, but probably okay since I'm not profiting from it.  So, feel free to download and use, just make sure you give all the credit to PopCap, not me. This is sized to be printed using  If you choose to use the website, go to Business > Stationary > Notecards > 4x5.4 > Upload Complete Design.
And the finished product with candy.  I went to our local candy store (THIS adorable place - we are on a first-name basis with Randy, the owner), and bought a whole bunch of Peas & Carrots (about 1-1/2 lbs).  Then, I separated out all the carrots.  I suppose green jelly beans or gumballs might work just as well, but my son was very set on peas.

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  1. Love son loves plants vs zombies.