Monday, January 19, 2015

Boy Valentines Part II

My five-year-old son has recently developed a pretty intense Star Wars obsession.  Since I was custom making his big brother's valentines, I decided to make some for him too.  Sure, I could probably buy Star Wars valentines, but this is always a fun project for me.
I did some research on Pinterest to see what else was out there, and then got out the DSLR and created my own. 
Since these are made with my own Star Wars Lego figures, I am going to assume these are fine to share.  These are also formatted to Vistaprint's website. If you choose to print them that way, go to the site and go to Business > Stationary > Note Cards > 4x5.4 > Upload Custom Design

And the finished product, with the lightsaber candy I managed to find in the dollar section at Target:
(Glow in the dark candy???  Hmm...)

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