Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Boys and Hearts

My favorite craft of the year, besides Halloween costumes, is valentines for the kids.  This is the first year both boys are in preschool, so I had to create two sets of valentines.  I wanted to create valentines that actually fit both personalities, so off to pinterest I went.  I loved the idea of a rock star valentine for my youngest, who loves guitars and rock music.  This was my interpretation of the idea.
My older son has a thing for hedgehogs.  I came across the idea of a "hedgehug" and went from there.  I found the cutest stamp EVER and I knew that was the direction we had to go in.  (By the way, if you happen to be looking for a great collection of hedgehog stamps, Penny Black has them.)  Had this been a year when I was feeling normal and not continually nauseus, I may have colored in the hedgehogs.  And how perfect to use Hershey Hugs for the treat!

Both of these valentines were embellished with old fashioned rubber stamps and embossing powder.  I used to love to craft with stamps when I was younger, so it was kind of fun to rediscover embossing.  I used powder I had from ages ago.  The stuff lasts forever.

I was also in charge of treats for both kids' classes.  We made heart-shaped rice krispie treats and embellished them with some frosting drizzle and sprinkles. 


  1. You are one of "those" moms- and you do a GREAT job of it! Good for you, they look fantastic!

  2. Haha - maybe, but I would still never voluntarily make homemade play-dough for 40 kids. :)

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