Friday, January 6, 2012

Best Hot Chocolate...Wow.

There was some pre-Christmas chaos at home.  My husband threw his back out in the midst of some stressful work-drama, leaving him flat on his back on the living room floor with his cell phone permanently attached to his ear or enjoying some strong prescription muscle relaxers.  In order to keep the magic for the kids (ahem, yep, that's right), I ended up doing my own stocking-stuffer-shopping.  I mean, wouldn't it be weird for Mommy to have an empty stocking on Christmas morning?  I was stuck at our local drug store for a whole hour waiting for my husband's prescriptions to be filled so that was my choice of stores and my window of shopping.  It was actually pretty fun. I found lots of useful things that I definitely needed.  One of them was Theo's Chocolate/Orange sipping chocolate.  It sounded indulgent.  I love chocolate and orange and Theo's chocolate (produced locally might I add, just a couple miles away) is SO good.  How could I go wrong?
Tonight I finally opened it up and I was impressed before I even tried it.  It was just a can full of broken bits of chocolate.  Hello delicious drink.  It has a dark chocolate flavor with a warm infusion of orange.  It is very rich. 
So, if you live around here where Theo is available, and you feel like treating yourself, I highly recommend trying this.  It comes in a few different flavors if you're not into orange with your chocolate - I think peppermint, chile and plain dark chocolate.

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