Thursday, July 29, 2010

Boys cook too

My oldest son is a complete and total train-fanatic. Occasionally, though, he enjoys cooking. In an effort to build other interests, we got him a play kitchen for his birthday (we got it a few weeks early). He hasn't been too into it yet, but I think it's because he is lacking proper tools. So, for his birthday, I decided he needed a little-boy-apron. These are a little hard to come by, so I made my own. I saw this great idea on this fabulous blog called I Am Momma Hear Me Roar (SERIOUSLY, if you have some time, check out this awesome blog - the woman is amazing and posts some crafty thing EVERY DAY) and decided to create my own spin (I thought the fork looked a little too tough to actually sew around so I left it off). I bought a cheap kid's apron at JoAnn's and then embellished it. The entire project took me exactly a half hour and cost me $4 (I used scrap pieces of fabric that I had at home). The best part is, it does not look girly in any way! I love it when I am crafty AND thrifty all at the same time.

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