Friday, July 30, 2010

Baking from scratch

I was planning on having a little birthday party for my son today and thought I would just make some quick cupcakes last night. I usually make cakes from scratch but thought I had a funfetti cake mix laying around. When I finally dug through my pantry and found five cake mixes, I discovered that all were well past their expiration dates - some as far as 3 years overdue. I have no idea if they still taste good or are safe to eat, but I tossed them all. I guess that goes to show how often I use cake mixes - never! The reason is that cakes from scratch are ridiculously easy and taste a thousand times better. I also keep a stocked kitchen exactly for these kind of circumstances.I remembered seeing a funfetti cake recipe on a friend's blog and so I tried that one out. The cupcakes were absolutely amazing and if you make them, do not leave out the almond flavoring! It makes them even better. The recipe makes just 12 cupcakes, which was also perfect (considering only one friend actually showed up). I topped mine with a simple butter cream frosting. My son requested that it be green. He's three. What can I say?

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