Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Boys *NEW* Room - Sneak Peak

I've been in the process of yet another iteration of the boys' room due to our need to upgrade to bunkbeds (that older monkey just keeps on stretching).  I purchased duvet covers from Boodalee about a year and a half ago while the company was liquidating.  I loved the modern fabric *and* it had a definite architectural-bent to it which was a bonus for me...more on that in the near future.  I bring it up because the duvet covers drove the slight color-scheme change.  We went from blue/green/black/white to teal/green/black/grey and I LOVE it.  I love it so much, I decided it warranted a new star-light.  Here it is:
Tonight's decor tip is simply this: these paper-lantern-stars are a GREAT and relatively cheap way to add some interest to a room.  I bought this one at Fireworks (an incredibly fun store if you've never been in) in downtown Seattle, but they sell them all over the place.  This one just happened to be the exact right colors I was looking for.
Stay tuned for more pictures of the transformation.

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