Thursday, February 16, 2012

Breakfast Tradition

I'm on a breakfast-posting-kick it appears.  I was making this particular breakfast this morning and wondering if it was something novel or if everyone does this with left-overs.  This is for those out there, like me, who always make too much rice or noodles (although admittedly due to this breakfast I do it on purpose sometimes).  This is a tradition from my grandpa's side of the family.  Apparently his dad was always in charge of making breakfast for the family when they were growing up and he made this from time to time.  It's simple: you just throw some left-over rice or noodles into scrambled eggs.  It is surprisingly delightful.  Growing up it was always a treat which is kind of funny, because it was probably the kind of breakfast originally created to make food stretch a little farther.  I tend to eat a lot of scrambled eggs and it's always nice to change up a boring old egg sometimes.
This morning I discovered we had both rice and noodles in the fridge so I asked my 4-yr-old (who is particularly fond of eggs made this way) which one.  He cheerfully suggested we use both and so we did.  It was a first for me and I really liked it.
So: it's very unscientific.  Use about 1/4 cup of cold, cooked rice or noodles per egg.  Throw a little bit of butter into a skillet, add the rice/noodles and saute in the butter.  The rice will pop and sizzle a little bit.  When it's warmed up and softened, add the egg(s) and scramble into the rice/noodles.  Cook eggs to your desired level of firmness.  I like to then mix in a little bit of grated cheese at the end.
White or brown rice works, but I am not a fan of basmati or jasmine - too much flavor with the eggs.  My favorite kind of noodles are shells or broken up linguine.

Another breakfast tradition from the same family is to make potato cakes out of mashed potatoes - another thing I always make too much of.  Just take a scoop of mashed potatoes, shape it into a patty and fry it in a skillet.  So good with the crispy top and bottom and the creamy middle. 

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