Monday, January 2, 2012

Blossoms o' felt

Awhile ago, I randomly came across THIS wreath and fell in love with it.  It was the inspiration behind the pom-pom wreaths I made, but the whole time I was making those, I was very much wanting to make this one.  I've been curious about making those felt flowers for quite some time. 
I decided I wanted to make a sort of neutral front-door-wreath to put up when it was time to take down the Christmas wreath.  I wanted to make a smallish one, but they only had 12" circles at the craft store, so I had to go big.
I decided to go with a rusty-color of yarn.  I used Vanna's Choice - isn't it hilarious that Vanna is the new face of yarn???  If that doesn't make all of us feel old, I don't know what does.  Anyway, it is incredibly soft and I loved working with it while I wrapped that styrofoam for two whole hours.
The felt flowers turned out to be pretty easy to make.  I used fabric adhesive instead of a hot glue gun (I hate hot glue guns).
I love how it turned out.  In fact, I love it so much, I went and bought a bunch of nicer wool felt to make more flowers.  I have no idea what I'm going to do with more flowers, but I love them lots and lots.


  1. You'll find stuff to use the flowers for. They are great for picture frames, you can use them in your hair, or on purses or shirts. That wreath is gorgeous.

  2. I really like those big roses. I've only made the plain kind before. BUT, I need a new wreath for our front door now that the Christmas wreath is gone. Isn't wrapping the styrofoam a pain?

  3. It is time consuming, but can be done in front of the TV. The 8" wreaths now take me about an hour (I've done many at this point), this 12" one took me two hours. You just have to be careful so that you cover ALL the styrofoam and keep it uniform.