Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Birth Date Art

I know, I've taken a long hiatus. I think I needed a break.

Since I last posted, my younger son has made the leap to a big-boy bed causing me to *need* to redecorate the boys' room. I've decided to make this a labor of love and create some stuff that I really love, and hopefully the boys will be fond of when they are old enough to enjoy them.
I got the idea for these off of a baby room tour on ohdeedoh and decided to create something similar for the boys. I am really proud of the results and I can't wait to hang them up. The picture doesn't really convey the colors very well, but you can get the idea.  Since they share a room, I am trying to find ways of celebrating their uniqueness while creating a cohesive feeling in the room. I wanted to document a few of our initial impressions of our baby boys when they entered the world. I have also framed their newborn footprints. I'm a little sentimental when it comes to my babies. After all, they are growing up TOO fast.
I have chosen a palate of black/white with blue and lime green. Blue because the beds came in blue - couldn't control that. Lime green because my older son LOVES green. Black/white because it seems like the best color choices to accent the brighter blue and green. I am one who loves navy blue/light blue combos in boys' rooms but since my son loves green, I decided to branch out a bit. I think this will work well. Bold and modern and fun.
Next up: my first foray into painting furniture and embellishing drapes. I also plan to make my own chalkboard using a frame I tried to spray paint VERY unsuccessfully. I figure with enough primer, I'll be fine. Wish me luck.
This room has been percolating in my mind for quite awhile and I am so excited to see it begin to come together! I decided awhile ago that it was time to embark upon projects to improve our living space. I have been working hard at purging to declutter, changing out artwork, improving our toy-storage situation, adding a couple of new house plants, etc. I am loving the small changes.
I can't guarantee to return to this blog as regularly as I have in the past (for awhile anyway), but I am going to try to document the transformation of the boys' room from baby to little boy.

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  1. Love, love, love these! Do you mind if I copy your idea???