Friday, January 21, 2011

Budget Decor

We live in an apartment.  We are not allowed to paint or hang window treatments.  Had I known 4.5 years ago that we would still be living here, I would have probably broken the second rule, but now it seems far too late (with the two munchkins, we are fast out-growing this place).  So, I like to decorate for the holidays in ways that add at least a little something to the ugly blinds.
I happened to be at Ikea shortly after Christmas and noticed some cute little red and silver heart-shaped ornaments on clearance.  I picked up a few packages of them thinking they'd be perfect for Valentine's Day (hearts at Christmas???).
I decided to make a little garland with them over our main window in the living room.  I bought a roll of Valentine's Day ribbon that wasn't too tacky and used other ribbon I had on hand to tie the hearts on.
The whole thing cost me less than $4.00.
Moral of the story: watch those awesome post-Christmas clearance sales.  You never know what you will find and how you can re-purpose it for other holidays.


  1. Cute! Nicely done.

    BTW, Hearts at Christmas is common in Scandinavian countries. My Christmas tree is covered with red hearts. They are very common in Norwegian decorating year round. :) If you check out this post (, you'll see some current decorations from a Norwegian kitchen.

  2. I like it! I'm surprised they put those on sale after Christmas instead of revamping them into a Valentine's Day display, but good deal for you.

    I'm not "allowed" to paint either, but my bedroom is blue. I couldn't stand all the off-white...this is my home, not an institution, even if I rent it! Had I known I'd live here for so long, I would have painted the living/dining room, too. I still might.