Thursday, December 23, 2010

Baking for Christmas

I've gone through a couple of rounds of baking this holiday season due to the need for cookies at two different times.  I like to bake lots of holiday treats because it gets the urge out of my system for pretty much an entire year.  I only  make fancy cookies once a year.  The rest of the time, I'd prefer to stick to drop-cookies.
Here is what I've made this year (besides the fudge and peanut brittle recipes below) linked to the original recipe should you want to try them out:
Lemon wreaths & chocolate thumbprints
Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies - AMAZING.  WOW.
Lemon Wreaths - I'm not a huge lemon fan, but these are great.
Salted Toffee Bars - My husband liked them, I thought they were just so-so.
Oatmeal Carmelitas - an old stand-by.
Spritz - another old stand-by.
Soft Ginger Cookies - I like to have a little bit of ginger around Christmas, just a little.  These are great, particularly when rolled in turbinado sugar.

I have a couple of egg whites left over, so I am contemplating making some coconut macaroons.  (I'm not sure exactly which recipe, but that one looks good.)  We'll see if I actually do, my guess is that someone will get a lovely egg white omelet for breakfast.
One reason I was doing all of this baking was to give a nice plate of cookies to Jason's assistant.  I love putting these things together and I think this one is particularly lovely.

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