Monday, September 27, 2010

Bug Noodles

Is it just me or are these gross?
I was at Safeway awhile ago (a store I rarely visit) looking for foods that my three-year-old might *MIGHT* eat.  Every so often I have these panics that he's not eating enough and I need to try harder or be more creative.  I saw these noodles, made with whole wheat and with a serving of vegetables and thought surely they would speak to a little boy.  I was very wrong.  He won't touch them and is very weirded-out by them.  I don't blame him.  I have a hard time eating them too.
He will, however, eat the Trader Joe's radiatore that is colored with vegetables.  He LOVES those and eats them as fast as he can get them into his mouth, so his lack of interest in these definitely must be related to the bug-shapes. 
It's funny that even a three-year-old finds the concept of eating bugs very unappetizing.

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