Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Bright and Early!

Here I go, my first product review:
I refer to this as "silver-bullet-parenting", and I am guilty of it far too often. You know, looking endlessly for that one product that will instantly make your life easier. I'll let you know when I find that one magical item, but for now I've got a long list of umm...good-ideas-in-theory.
The "Okay-to-Wake" toddler alarm clock. It sounds like a great idea, right? Any two-year-old knows that "green means go" and "red means stop." Our older son was going through a spell where he was consistently waking up at or before 6am. Neither my husband or I are morning people so this was a real stretch to deal with. I started doing some googling and found this clock. I had some paypal money left-over from something I'd sold on ebay so I thought, why not?When it came, our son fell in love with it. He carried it all over the house and we diligently tried to explain to him when he took it to bed that night that he needed to watch the clock and stay in bed until it turned green. We had set the clock for a 7am okay-to-wake time. The next morning at 6am, bright and early, he came running into our bedroom with the clock in hand saying "green mean go! green mean go!" The thing is, it was hard to argue with him because the clock itself is green! He just could not understand the concept of waiting for it to glow green like a light. So, I chalk this one up to a giant toddler-misunderstanding and we now have a pretty nifty end-table clock in the living room since he quickly lost interest. By the time he can wrap his little brain around the concept of the clock, his little brother will be the one waking us up before the birds.
Now, I would not be doing this clock complete justice unless I mention that it does have a "girl" option which is a little pink flower cover. So, maybe if you have a girl, this might work? We are not yet comfortable enough with our son's masculinity to try it that way.
What do I think?: save your money or invest in some nice Thomas the Train DVDs that will captivate your little one while you try to sleep on the couch instead.


  1. Bad design. Why did they have to make it green on the outside?? Totally confusing. Thanks for the review. I won't be buying this one...

  2. Danielle - we had the same 'issue' a couple of years ago. After much searching we bought the "Good Nite Light". It works on the same basis, but the clock shines and looks like a sun when it's time to get up but at night it glows and looks like a moon. Never ambiguous to a 4 year old... The only drawback is that it's plug in, so you need an outlet in sight of your child's bed, but other than that, 2 thumbs up (or 4 if you include my wife....)
    Check it out at