Saturday, March 30, 2013

Beans as Symbols

Sometimes it can be a little tough for kids to grasp the whole of Easter as it is both a secular and a religious holiday.  The secular part, I like to think, is more of a celebration of life and the coming of Spring.  This involves the chicks, bunnies, pastel colors, candy, egg hunts, etc.  Because kids are so tactile, this "fun" part of Easter often overshadows the more important part which is Jesus' death and resurrection and his Atonement for our sins.  I found a cute idea (on pinterest, of course) to use the colors of jelly beans as symbols of the Easter story to help kids get that tactile/colorful/sugar-laden holiday-fix that they enjoy.  I changed it up to fit better with LDS theology.  Here is the graphic, which I am going to use tomorrow as a take-home for the Primary kids.  I am going to fill Easter eggs with jelly beans and this little hand-out.  Click on the graphic to download.

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