Saturday, February 12, 2011

Baby Bugs

We have two sick munchkins in our house, prompting me to suggest a couple of near-miracle products that we have fallen in love with.  I have mentioned Boogie Wipes in a previous post - they are another valuable addition to the arsenal for child-cold-fighting.
1) Vapor Bath.  I actually bought the generic Target-brand, which I'm sure is equally good.  It smells great and for better or worse, makes the little noses run - a good thing if the little one is congested.  It's nice and bubbly and has a comforting lavender-menthol kind of smell.  If I had a head cold, I'd want to sit in a bathtub full of this stuff too.

2) Similisan.  This is homeopathic cough syrup that can be used with children as young as two.  It works wonderfully and has saved many nights of sleep for us.  It comes in a mixture for dry coughs and one for wet coughs.  We've found the wet-cough medicine works better, but both are pretty effective.  My husband has even used it himself with success.
3) Little Noses.  This is a nasal decongestant also for children over aged two.  Although our son freaks out when we use it because he doesn't want anything put in his nose, he always concedes afterward that he feels MUCH better.  The Little Noses product that contains saline drops and a "snot sucker" (I don't know what those things are called so pardon my crass description) is also AWESOME for young babies.  That stuff got the baby through colds last winter.

So, if you happen to have a little one who is suffering, like we do, here are a few more things to try...
(...and of course, as stated to the right, I am an architect, not a doctor.  I'm just passing along suggestions for products that work well in our household.  If your kid is really sick, take him/her to the doctor.)

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  1. Hi--just checking out your blog- I've got two little boys myself and they are both sick!--I think I need to start investing in some of your recommendations. Glad I stopped by--Janae