Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blogging about food

I did not intend for this to be a food blog, and I promise to get to the architectural critique that I am sure you are all (umm...3 of you...) waiting for. I actually have a building in mind in my own neighborhood that I would very much like to discuss, but I am waiting for it to progress a little further before I go take pictures. The problem with blogging about local architecture is that I usually notice it when I am in my car and don't have my camera. While I might make a mental note to get back there, my life does not always allow me that privilege.
Anyway. Food. I have noticed that blogging about food is really popular right now. I confess to not being much of a foodie, although my husband and I do get great pleasure out of trying out new and interesting ethnic restaurants. I mostly view food as a vehicle to repower me so that I can get through the next few hours. If there was a "food pill" I'd probably be all over it. With my two little boys, I really don't have time to be a dinner-gourmet. I am lucky to get through cooking a meal without wanting to run far away from my kitchen. (Why is it that all children become whiny and attention-starved at exactly 5pm?) However, I do like to bake and I love to try new recipes and experiment so lately I have spent a little more time perusing food-ish blogs than I used to. One of these blogs is Picky Palate. She has some pretty amazing cookies/desserts on there and they are all quite accessible, one recently had only 3 ingredients - peanut butter, marshmallow cream and eggs. Yum.
My favorite treat is a chocolate chip cookie. I have always used the same tried-and-true recipe since I was a kid, but lately I have experimented with a couple of new ones. I had no idea what I was missing! My friend Heather has a lovely food blog and seems to like chocolate chip cookies as much as I do, so I tried out the Alton Brown recipe she posted. They were amazing! We loved them! Tonight I tried out an intriguing one I found on Picky Palate that uses vanilla ice cream. Since my husband had been a little grumbly about my grabbing low-fat ice cream, I decided to use it up. They turned out great. I particularly enjoyed eating way too much cookie dough. It was so creamy and had a really nice burst of vanilla flavor. The only critique I can give is that it disappears when they are baked. Here is a little photo-trip of my cookie-making evening...(her photos are WAY better than mine, by the way)

...and Ta-da!

Here are some great food blogs to check out in your spare time (in no particular order):
Sweet and Savory Tooth
Jim's Pancakes
Broke A** Gourmet
Smitten Kitchen
Cake on the Brain
The Endive Chronicles

...and for true entertainment, go here:
Cake Wrecks

What are your favorite food blogs?


  1. Cake Wrecks is my all time favorite website. If Theron hears me laughing while sitting at the computer, he knows exactly what I'm looking at. I've recently discovered smitten kitchen and it looks promising. I mostly like to look at the food blogs and then dive right back into my regular lineup of spaghetti and tacos. Am intrigued by the ice cream cookie dough.

  2. Oh my, there are soooo many amazing food blogs out there. Here's my shortened list:
    Pioneer Woman
    Joy the Baker
    Recipe Girl
    Two Peas and Their Pod
    Annie's Eats
    Brown Eyed Baker
    Smells Like Home
    Smitten Kitchen
    Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy
    Ok, I better stop. And thanks for mentioning me!

  3. I totally stalked some of these blogs and have s'more brownies from the Picky Palate blog! Now I have so many more ideas to add to my repertoire of cooking!